Temple Cummins & the Mt. Baker Billygoat

A decade ago, I started making an annual pilgrimage to Mt. Baker, WA. For boarders and skiers, the history and unique landscape of the ski area at the end of the Mt. Baker highway is in a class of its own. Its mystique and reputation is unparalleled in the northwest, and the riders who call the place home are some of the best in the world.

One such rider is Temple Cummins. This past year, he wanted to do a graphic loosely based on the chairlifts of Mt. Baker, some of which are so steep and exposed that it's a bit of an adventure just to ride the chairlift. His graphics are always incredibly fun as he likes to incorporate hidden symbology and elements of his own stories and adventures. One theme that has recurred throughout the line is sort of a hesher vibe with darker colors and imagery, so a board that was shaping up to be mostly white presented some challenges. We were able to give it a darker feel through heavy shadows and a silhouetted chairlift, and I utilized the cable from the chairlift for the base graphic. Powder pillows have the benefit of having limitless forms, so it wasn't a stretch to incorporate the goat at the bottom and the figures in the spines.

Gnu Billygoat Temple Cummins by Adam Haynes

In the years I've worked with Temple, I've gained a deep respect for him as a snowboarder and a person. His quiet demeanor and soft spoken manner is in stark contrast to the hard charging pillow assassin he becomes when he straps in. It's been an honor to work with him and I look forward to future collaborations.

This graphic was hand painted in acrylic on a snowboard sized board, and now resides in Temple's own collection. 

Billy Goat C3 Camber Snowboard 2017-2018 | GNU from GNU on Vimeo.

Thanks to Tim Zimmerman for the action photo of Temple. 

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