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The Boss Babe Barrett Christy

The Boss Babe Barrett Christy

Last year, Barrett Christy celebrated her 20th pro model with Gnu Snowboards. Impressive in its own right, it's even more special when you take into account that we just finished the artwork for her 22nd! In a notoriously fickle industry focused on the younger riders, it's a feat not many can stake claim to. -Elyse and Adam

Our Best Rider Is A Girl: 20 Years Of Barrett Christy from GNU on Vimeo.

It's been my great pleasure to collaborate with Barrett for the last few years. This summer marked my 8th B-Pro graphic, and they just get more fun with experience. We've done everything from full digital to full size acrylic paintings, and working with Barrett to bring her fantasy world to life is always entertaining and challenging for me. This board was inspired by a twilight landscape and hand painted in acrylic on a chunk of maple. 

 Thanks for everything Barrett, you're an inspiration to all shredders, men and women alike!