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New Tees from Patagonia – Ultra Quiver

I’m super excited to present the newest addition to the store, the Ultra Quiver! I worked with Patagonia ambassador Forrest Shearer to come up with this design – a selection of five snow sliding devices.

It comes in three tee colorways and a trucker hat.

Willow Herb Green

Forge Grey

Wax Red

and the Interstate Trucker:

A little about the graphic:

Forrest wanted to do a tee design with the ultimate snowboard quiver. He sent me some snaps of his own collection, and I sketched up a number of different board shapes to choose from.

We ended up settling on five shapes that seemed to be the most diverse selection, with a bit more weight on the powder riding shapes to suit Forrest’s preferences. Boards from left to right: Asmo, park/jump board, Salomon Sick Stick, Splitboard with Karakorum hardware, and a Nitro pow gun.

The snow is coming! Quantities are limited, get yours now!

And thanks to NW Patagonia rep Mike Martini and our local patagonia store patagonia@bend for making this happen!


Second Nature at Compound

Wow, I can tell I’ve been busy when two months fly by like that! Been really busy in the studio, but back in July I had a show in Portland with two other fine artists, Keith Carter and Steve Seeley. I mixed a few new pieces with some older stuff for this show, which we called “Second Nature”, as we all tend to use nature frequently in our themes and art.

Keith put together this beautiful title illustration for the show, and also had a fine showing of new work.

And here’s my new stuff:

The show opener:

Please 4″ x 5″ acrylic on wood SOLD

Rooster 9″ x 9″ acrylic on wood  SOLD

Shoe Tree 12″ x 22″ acrylic on wood

Woodcutting #1 9″ x 9″ acrylic on wood  SOLD

Woodcutting #2 9″ x 9″ acrylic on wood

And the closer:

Floor It 4″ x 5″ acrylic on wood  SOLD