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Mt. Shasta with the Jones crew

I got the opportunity to tag along on a really fun trip the other day. My friend Matt Baker is a rep for Jones Snowboards, and he invited me along on this tight-knit crew’s annual Shasta pilgrimage. This is the second year I’ve made it down, and this year the plan was to climb from the North side. Baker and I left Bend at 6:30 and drove all evening, arriving at the trailhead at 12:30am for a few hours of shut-eye. We woke before the sun at 4:30, got all packed up, and were on the trail a few hours later.

This year was a much smaller crew, and we made good progress while keeping a leisurely pace. As the morning progressed, we moved from sun cups to runnels to good old spring corn.

It was a perfect bluebird day, not a cloud in the sky. Fine climbing conditions and no cell, no email, nothing but 7000′ to climb. It was a great day.

The northeast side of Shasta is mainly a big ramp, and it just keeps getting steeper the higher you go. But it stayed soft, so kicking steps with our crampons was no problem, and before long, we relished in one of the most incredible views I can imagine.

Jeremy Jones is a tremendous ambassador to our sport and a visionary leader to boot. It was just incredible to watch him in his element. Utterly comfortable, friendly, and always quick with a helpful bit of advice. Truly a legend. Here he is taking in the view from the top.

Obligatory selfie.

The ride down was a leg burner, and one I won’t soon forget. We made it down to the rig by 5 and were home before midnight. It was a long haul, but what a day. Thanks Matt!