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2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural

Travis Rice is one of the world’s best snowboarders and one of the sports finest ambassadors. When he called me up in January and invited me to do the poster for “this little contest he’s doing up in Canada”, I picked my jaw up off the ground and said yes. The Red Bull Ultra Natural is a contest like no other. It’s held up at Baldface Lodge in interior BC on one of the steepest runs in the area: “Scary Cherry”. It drops a couple thousand feet and is over 50ยบ at the top section. Over the past few summers Travis and a big crew of loggers have been transforming the face with hand built wooden features to spice things up a bit. I saw the contest on TV last year, and while it was incredible, it just didn’t seem to do justice to the sheer face and size of the features. I really wanted to show the height and size of the features with this illustration. My first try was pretty lackluster, but the next sketch looked about right.

Travis and Mike Parillo from Asymbol approved it, and here’s how it turned out.

Posters and tees are available at Asymbol Gallery online.

I’ve also got a few posters if you’re local. Hit me up.


Mt. Bachelor Avalanche Dog tee

I’ve been doing these tees to trade for my pass for the last few years. This is number 4 and my favorite so far, and it even features my own sled, the trusty Yamaha Phazer.

Tees can be purchased at ski patrol HQ at the top of the Pine Marten lift at Mt. Bachelor.

And here’s a close-up. Sadly, Kenai passed away this winter.

Here’s a few of the past designs as well.

ESPN “The Avalanche Problem”

I recently did some illustrations for a series on avalanches by ESPN. It’s a great series with lots of information to absorb and ponder about avalanches in the backcountry. Read it here:

The Avalanche Problem

Here are all six illustrations from the articles.

Homeschool D.P.D.C. Design

Homeschool is my new favorite outerwear. Designed in Portland, OR, it’s built tough for NW conditions. Functional, breathable outerwear with great colors and good fit are what it’s all about to founder Daniel Clancy. I’ve been stoked to be an ambassador for these guys for a few years now, and I recently got the opportunity to illustrate a feature that I helped design: The Deep Pow Deployable Cuff, or D.P.D.C.

I have really long arms, and most cuffs on snowboard jackets seem to come up short. The D.P.D.C is an extendable, fully stow-able extension to the existing cuff. With the addition of a hidden thumb loop, say goodbye to powder up your sleeve. Get your Homeschool at a fine retailer near you.


Jussi Grznar sticker

Photographer extraordinaire Jussi Grznar contracted me to design him some promotional stickers. He shoots a lot of snowboarding in the Whistler backcountry, so we put Mt. Cayley in there so he’d have a good local landmark. The sled is from my painting “Silverton”, and his name is pee. I love it. Thanks Jussi!

Dirt Rag Magazine Cover

The cover for Issue #166 of Dirt Rag magazine was one of my favorite projects last year. I wanted to do a drawing of one of the local Bend trails, so I grabbed my camera and my buddy Sean and went out to Whoops to get some inspiration. We had a great ride, and I got everything I needed for the image. Sometimes it just works out nicely.

1st sketch approved by Dirt Rag:

Final illustration:

Final cover art: