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Dirksen Derby Ad in TWS

If you’ve got the new Transworld Snowboard mag, you’ll see this ad on page 65. I worked closely with Josh to bring this illustration to life. It’s packed full of little Derby details. We’ll be making prints of it to sell at the 2012 Dirksen Derby, sans logos.

The Business of Fun

I did a skype interview with Ian Fohrman of The Public Works last week. Check it out here:

The Business of Fun

The Public Works crew is working on some really cool stuff out of Denver. The workspace sounds amazing, a playground for the project oriented. Thanks Ian!

Danner for Tanner

A few weeks ago, I was approached by my friend Sam Huff, one of the founders of Tanner Goods in Portland, about putting together a video and piece of art to help promote their second collaboration with Danner footwear. Together with another former schoolmate, Adam Guggenheim, we took a fun trip up in the mountains around Bend to film the boots in action. That part turned out pretty well, but it wasn’t enough, so I spent an evening at the Tanner workshop last week painting an illustration of my old cruiser while Adam shot timelapse footage. I’m very pleased with how it all turned out, but the best part was finding an excuse to go camping on the clock with some old high school buddies. Both Sam and Adam are doing amazing work in Portland in their respective trades, and it was an honor and pleasure to work with them. Check out the video and painting here.


And a Teva Runs Through It…

I just got back home after a solid week of painting on my largest piece to date. Although the painting was commissioned by Teva, the feature was designed and built by the good folks at the Lumberyard. Recently opened on 82nd in Portland, this former bowling alley now houses a number of wood bowls and jump lines, in addition to a XC skills loop. The feature itself stands 14′ tall and nearly 8′ wide. Inspired by a feature in Whistler, it’s basically made to look like a tree with a tunnel through it. The addition of a ladder bridge and drop out the back will finish off the feature.

Here’s the initial 3D rendering of the feature.

and what I arrived to on Monday morning. It was a lot larger than I expected.

Tuesday morning dawned with a lot of white surface to fill.

Getting there…

…and finished Saturday afternoon. Here are a few more views.

Thanks to Andrew Cheatham and Steve Hoskins for the sweet job. Ride breaks and food at the pub made for a great week of painting. The feature will be officially presented on October 13th. I’ll be on hand at the Lumberyard to ride and sling some schwag. Hope you can stop by.