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Find the Line – 15 minute studies

These were some quick drawings done to include in a few select invites for the Find the Line show. I tried to keep each to 15 minutes, although a few of the busier ones went over. Ink and some pencil on 4″ x 5″¬†chipboard. Here’s the first four:

Find the Line (at Nemo Design)

The Find the Line show was a huge success on Friday. After one of the busiest, most emotional weeks of my life, the whole thing came together with lots of help, love, and patience. Here are some images from the week.

Sunset on the road to Maupin. My friend BC took it upon himself to mill over 400 linear feet of framing material out of his own reclaimed wood stock, allowing every piece in the show to sport a custom frame job.  His workshop is in the Dalles, so I treated myself to an evening drive to collect the material.

Monday and Tuesday of last week entailed the cutting and assembling of 56 custom frames.

Finished frames all ready for sanding and staining. My parents spent a long day on Wednesday doing just that, enabling everything to be finished by 3:30am Thursday morning.

After an 8am Thursday departure, we left Bend to make the trek over the mountain to hang the show at Nemo. Minor setbacks ensued, as the cruiser decided that it’s alternator was unfit for further service and promptly broke down 15 miles from our destination. 6 jumps later, we limped into the Nemo parking lot to get started on the task ahead. This is how the show looked at 5pm on Friday evening.

It was a fantastic evening, with many close friends and family in attendance. A huge thanks to Carey, Thomas, Ryan, Mark, Joel, Trevor, and all the fine folks at Nemo. Thanks to my parents for all their help with the framing. And thanks most of all to my wonderful girlfriend Elyse, for her love and support, and for dealing with the broke down Cruiser so I could hang the show.

Oh, and the show SOLD OUT!

Thanks to everyone that came for your love and support.

One last note: I wasn’t able to frame everything with the panic last week, so I’ll be posting the rest on the website over the next few weeks and months.


Find the Line – Nike 6.0 Retrospective show at Nemo, PDX

A few months ago, I heard that Nike 6.0 was going to be no more. For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, it was started in 2006 as a new youth action sports division for Nike. At the time, I was just starting out on my first few gigs as a freelance illustrator, and linked up with Nemo design in Portland to do a few 6.0 projects. One thing led to another, and I ended up drawing ads, website content, stills for animation, designing vehicles, and creating the largest body of work I’ve ever amassed on one subject. Eventually, the illustration ran it’s course and was replaced by photographic content, and I moved on to other projects. After five years, I still feel like it’s some of my best work to date. The sheer volume of work in addition to the ridiculous deadlines helped me to attain a level of competence, focus and detail that I still marvel at. My drawing style was shaped and molded during this time, and the growth and progression is easy to spot in the work. And yet, it was very much a team project. There was so much to do that Nemo hired color artists to finish the illustrations after I finished the black and white drawings. It left me with piles of illustration board, folders full of paper, and so many unfinished drawings that I hardly knew where to put them.

So, when I heard that 6.0 was ending it’s run, I approached Nemo about showing this work in its black and white, uncolored state for the first time. They agreed, and the task of picking the best of it is nearly done. I’ve enjoyed working on these drawings immensely, and would very much like to share them with the folks that found resonance with them, with the brand, and action sports in general. Please come and join us next Friday the 17th for music, drinks, and an art show.

This photo was from the day I laid it all out for the first time. I ran out of floor space before I ran out of drawings!