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Gnu Field Trip

I’m working on three new board graphics for the 2013-14 Gnu line right now. Two of those boards are the pro models of longtime Gnu riders Temple Cummins and Barrett Christy-Cummins. They were kind enough to put me up at their house in Sequim, Wa, for a few nights as we talked board graphics and visited the Gnu/Lib Tech factory.

As you can see by the nifty three dimensional map above, Sequim sits right at the foot of the northern boundary of Olympic National Park, and some mighty big mountains. Temple cooked up a splitboard trip for us to get immersed in inspiration, and we headed out for three days right after I got there.

We got some good snow and decent weather, and we had a blast hiking and riding the terrain, hanging out in the toasty little hut and exploring the area.

Temple making coffee, Matt kicking it.

Billygoat splits in front of the hut.

We met up with Barrett and the kids at Hurricane Ridge on our way out, and Barrett obliged me as I snapped a photo of her with next year’s B-Pro.

Temple took me on a factory tour the next morning, and it was like going to Willy Wonka’s Snowboard Factory. Stacks and stacks of cores, boards, molds, and presses greeted us. They were making a run of Billygoat (Temple’s Pro model) splitboards, and there were even a few B-Pro splits as well.

The pole jam car from That’s It That’s All greets you at the entrance to the Mervin factory.

B-Pro split mid construction.

Matt with a Billygoat split while it’s still just a sandwich.

A few old favorites…

And now I’m back home working on board graphics! Thanks so much to Temple and Barrett for the hospitality, what an incredible trip.