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Tanner Goods Machete Sheath

Back in July, my sister had a birthday. One of the items on her list was a snow saw for doing avalanche work. She mentioned that she might like something a little different, like a machete, so I started looking around for a suitable candidate. First and foremost, this thing had work as a snow saw, and second, it needed to fit in a backpack. Eventually I stumbled upon this fine model from Smith & Wesson with a mean looking serrated top edge. It was short enough, definitely gnarly enough, but it was kind of cheap looking with the crappy plastic sheath. I happen to know a few folks in the leather business, so I brought it up to Portland and handed it over to have a custom leather sheath made for it. And then I promptly forgot about it.

I received an email the other day from my friend Casey Keasler of the very fine blog K.I.D. Collective. In addition to being an excellent designer, she’s also a leather worker at the Tanner Goods workshop in Portland. They had recently moved the workshop, and in doing so, discovered one Smith & Wesson machete. She whipped up a few sketches, and sent me the drawing below.

First off, I love this sketch. It gets the job done, and is a piece of art in itself. I quickly decided on #4, and she got busy. One day later, I stopped off in Portland and took delivery. This thing is so cool. Thanks Casey, you made my day. Can’t wait to see my sister whip this baby out when we’re digging a snow pit.

Storyboard #1

Issue #2 of Snowboard magazine just hit the shelves and I’m proud to report that I’ve got a couple of pages in there.  Dubbed “Storyboard”, it’s a mix of snowboard-based art and storytelling.  I’m hoping to get to do a few of these this season, if all goes well.  #1 reflects on a trip to Mt. Baker that I took last year, one of the best trips of a great season.  Enjoy.

Pages 36,37

Page 36

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