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Acura Style

I finished up some illustrations for Acura Style magazine a few months ago, and I just received the finished issue in the mail. Four illustrations total, with the opening illustration featured as a full spread. That one was also my favorite. Here’s a few shots showing the progression from sketch to finished artwork:

1st sketch.

Final inked artwork with washes.

Final magazine spread.

Asymbol Gallery

So, this is some old news, but the blog was down when all this happened, so I’m writing it up now.  Plus, these are the finest quality prints I’ve got available at the moment, and it’s high time to plug them a bit on here.

About a year and a half ago, I got a phone call out of the blue from a guy named Mike Parillo. He’s a fantastic painter based out of Jackson, WY. You may have seen his work on any number of Lib Tech boards over the years, and he’s been one of my favorite artists for a long time. Anyway, he called me up, and after I picked myself up off the floor, he asked me if I’d be interested in doing a little collaboration with himself and Travis Rice for their new artistic venture: the Asymbol Gallery. T. Rice needs no intro, but here’s a link to the trailer of his new movie to put things in perspective.

The Art of Flight (Metal Trailer)

They were putting together a collection of their favorite snowboard based art and photography and invited me to submit a couple of pieces for the project. I immediately agreed, and a few weeks later found myself headed out to Asymbol headquarters in Jackson to meet the crew and sign some prints. They picked two of my favorite snow-based pieces from the last few years: Silverton and Snowflake.  They’d been cranking on the prints all day when I arrived late that evening after an all day drive from Bend, and there was a huge stack of absolutely gorgeous full color prints for me to sign. The ink was so thick that it looked painted on.  We got right down to business with debossing the Asymbol logo mark and signing.

closeup of “Silverton”

new prints getting the white glove treatment.

putting our mark on things…

Mike and Travis working on “Snowflake”

Travis and I with a finished print of “Silverton”

This was just sitting in the corner of the gallery. An older painting by Mike, painted in memory of the late Jamil Kahn.  Incredible to finally see it in person.

Got all the prints finished up late that evening, hit the sack, and was treated to a very fine day of early season splitboarding with another one of my heroes: Brian Iguchi.

Brian and Mike and Lucy. What a treat that day was. Nice and mellow, great first day of the season.

Lucy even tagged along, but decided to save this chute for next time.

T. Rice, extraordinary human.

What an incredible group of folks. Thanks again to Mike and Travis and Claire for the wonderful hospitality and opportunity.

These and many other fine prints are available in limited quantities at through the Asymbol Gallery.