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Currently working on a stipple project for Pirelli tires. Many hours of concentration ahead, trying to find that zen state of mind. The perfect balance of caffeine, exercise, rest, and focus is ever elusive.  The search goes on.

the last days of winter…

My Mt. Adams trip rekindled a desire to go shredding, so last night my buddy Matt and I took the sled out to Ball Butte to take in a sunset and see how the conditions were holding up. It firmed up quick, but we had enough light to build a little wedge to hit on a warmer day.

There’s more snow up there right now than there was in the middle of May last year. The window is short this time of the year, so time to get it while the gettin’s good. Just saw that Bachelor will be opening back up again for the 4th of July weekend. Of course, our season passes are no longer valid, but we get a discount. Good ol’ Bachy, some things never change.

Rolling up (and over) on Mt. Adams

Took a break from all the projects Friday and Saturday for some wilderness slednecking on one of my favorite volcanoes, the picturesque and ever photo-worthy Mt. Adams. I’ve summited Adams twice previously, and I’ve talked to a few folks about taking sleds up there, but never tried it due to the amount of sled-dragging and lack of sturdy info on routes and such.  Well, I probably would have gotten away with not doing it again this year if I hadn’t had a fire lit under my ass by T. Graves over at Nemo. He masterminded this photo shoot that was to take place on and around the mountain, basically documenting a day of adventuring up there.  It sounded a little far-fetched, with logistics being a little sketchy and the fact that the snow-level was a somewhat unknown factor.  We originally planned on heading up Friday, so I drove out to crash at my buddy’s house in The Dalles Thursday night. I got a call Friday morning as I was leaving to meet up with the crew that they were postponing due to weather.  I wasn’t sure if the trip was going to happen at all at this point, so I decided to do a little recon to see if what Trevor was planning was doable or not.  My buddy Brock joined me, and we set off for Adams to see what we could see. The place we had originally planned to launch the sled was long melted out.  Snow level was about 1000′ higher than we had thought.  So, after a lot of driving, we managed to 4x up the South climb road as far as possible. Patchy snow and downed logs stopped us about 5 miles from the end of the road.

We unloaded the sled, packed up our boards and gear, and set off, doubling on the trusty Yamaha. Many log and dirt crossings later, we made it to the trailhead and the wilderness boundary.  We left the sled and headed uphill a little after noon.  The weather was gorgeous, the snow was great, and we made it up to lunch counter (a little over a third of the way up) before the weather started to look menacing.

The ride down was really nice, and we made it out with no issues.

After a long phone call with Trevor and Mark (filmer/guide) that night, we decided to pull the trigger for Saturday.  And so the adventure began.  Six guys, six sleds, so many things to go wrong. And they did, but not too bad. I rolled my sled twice, but both times it was undamaged and started right up.

Ditched the chainsaw after this one, made it way too top heavy with all the off camber boondocking. We made it up to the wilderness boundary, then headed east to a good zone for shooting.  The weather was perfect, the mountain was spectacular, and the snow was pretty darn good too. Soft and very carveable. Found a couple of good natural kickers, spectacular afternoon and evening light, and we all made it out unscathed.

Having beers and dinner at 11pm that night, the stats went something like this:

6 rolled sleds

1 stuck truck

3 bubbas

10 log crossings

2 chainsaw log removals

1 lost chick

4 hippy hikers

2 friendly rangers

too many poop jokes to count (I don’t think I’m cut out to be a model, I just can’t smile on command)

0 busted sleds/dudes

An unquestioned success!

Thanks Trevor, Tim, Mark, Mark, and Colin! Damn fine crew.

Also, a big thanks to Brock for all his help with the recon mission, couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks buddy.

Last but not least, thanks so much to Brock’s girlfriend Lisa, who put up with Lucy’s shenanigans while I was off traipsing around the backcountry. She’s a gem, that one.