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Shop time.

With all this cloudy weather, it’s been a pleasure to work inside on some new projects. The to-do list has been stacked lately. Items are scratched out daily, but new projects are added just as quickly. Working on a few Pirelli Tire projects, tees for Icebreaker and Grenade, a new Dirksen Derby logo, a Timberland project, a bedroom remodel, a bike build and last but not least, three new boards for Gnu Snowboards. I’m really excited about all this stuff, but today was the first day I had a chance to work on boards, and I’m really stoked on the direction for the 2013 season. Here’s a few shots from this afternoon’s handiwork. Starting in the woodshop this time.

Trimming up an old unfinished piece with the radial arm saw.

Laid up.

Rome and the Owyhee River

I love this shot.  Rome is a small town in eastern Oregon, population most likely under 20.  There’s a gas station and a little restaurant, and not much else.  This is the roof of the restaurant, and that’s the most intimidating bbq I’ve seen in a while.  Double stacks!  Rome is also the put-in for one of the most popular stretches of the Owyhee River.  I made some time to get the drift boat out of storage last week, and happily, it still floats.  Here’s a few shots from the trip.  The rest may be found here.

Float craft.

Pruitt’s Castle.

Indian Paintbrush in full bloom.

A deep slot canyon in Pruitt’s castle area.

Nice antler collection at the take-out.

A few months ago I designed a tee shirt for the first annual Bone Zone Banked Slalom up at Timberline, OR.  Here she is:

Freehub Mag

Freehub Mag Volume 2.1 arrived on my doorstep yesterday.  And the cover turned out great!  I collaborated with photographer Derik Olsen to come up with the cover design, which was based on his photograph.  There are also a few hits on the inside, including two full spreads of two paintings.   The printing is top notch, the clear varnish over the photo looks tight, and I couldn’t be happier.  Check it out at

I spent an evening working on the 2011 Dirksen Derby logo with Josh the other day, and it’s starting to take shape.  This will be the 5th year for the Derby, and it’s gonna be a good one.  Big ideas and clever plans, coming your way next December.  Check out the video from last year on YoBeat.