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Baldface recap

Ah, Baldface… This place was the highlight of my winter.  Now I’ve just got to figure out how to get back next year!

Baldface Recap

X Games boards

It’s always nice to get an email from a client a few months (or years!) after the project is long done.  And it’s really sweet when that email is full of photos of finished product!  Thanks Alex!

All photos by Todd Eckelman.


My good buddy Trav left the little gem below in my Inbox the other day.  It inspired me to put together an album of a few of my favorite mornings.

Burn off at the put-in, Smith R., MT.  Rained hard all night, went bluebird about an hour after this picture was taken.  Photo by Travis Rydberg

Tumalo Mtn., Thanksgiving 2010

Baldface Lodge, February 2011

Owyhee reservoir, October 2010

Hemispheres, Mt. Baker, 2010

Elefante ridge, Termas de Chillan, Chile 2008

Mist camping and ink painting

Been working hard all week on finishing up the largest ink drawing I’ve done to date.  Filled with lots of rich detail, it’s been a really incredible project. This is the first time I’ve  done a large ink drawing on paper with a brush.  It’s been Copic multi-liners and nibs up till now.  I’ve been trying to loosen up my style a bit lately, and the brush really seems to do the trick.  I think I might be off the crowquill for a while after this.

In other news, a few longtime buddies and I made the annual pilgrimage to Hoodoo for a weekend of camping, riding, and remembering.  We started doing this spring trip about seven or eight years ago to celebrate lost friends and good bros.  We moved it up this year thinking it would be fun to ride Hoodoo while it’s still open and maybe even get some late pow.  Well, that didn’t happen.  It ranged from misty to downpour, but danged if it didn’t rain the whole dern time.  I love Hoodoo.  Still, we managed to put up one of the finest tarp camps I’ve seen, successfully shot the shit and even rode in the rain most of the day at Hoodoo.  Always good times.  I’d say we’re due for an epic weather year after the last three!


My good buddy Bryan made a sweet video of it:  Hoodoo 2011: Rain Delay.

Let’s see, I should share some links.  Here’s where I’ve been in web-world lately.

1. Jen Sherowski – Jen wrote my bio.  A fantastic writer and world traveler, Jen takes gorgeous photos and can turn a phrase with the best of them.

2. Aaron Draplin – He updates this life blog/journal daily, is one of my favorite designers and is damn good people.

3. Asymbol Gallery – Super sick online gallery assembled by Mike Parillo and Travis Rice.  Some of the most iconic and gorgeous snowboard related art and photography ever produced is in there.  I’ve got two prints available in the artwork section, and they are hands down the finest quality prints I’ve had available to date.  Check out Parillo’s work in there, it’s mind-blowing.

4. BAF – the ongoing adventures of Jake Price, Curtis Ciszek, Austin Smith, and a bunch of other snowboarder dudes.  Good times.

5. IH8MUD – I’m on the hunt for a canadian spec diesel cruiser for a transplant, and I spend way too much time on here anyway, so hear ya go, all you ever wanted or didn’t want to know about the Toyota Landcruiser.

Oh yeah, here’s a cute picture of my sidekick, Lucy.


I’m getting started on the largest drawing I’ve made to date. Picking the best nibs is tricky business.  Lots of picking going on around here today.

The annual TTS bro-down goes down in just over 24 hrs.  Sticker sheets to weed, boards to wax, chainsaw to gas up, gear to sort, wood to stack, tarps to fold, apples to peel(?), taxes to finish, drawings to start…

hoodoo, 2004




Just shot the last of my old Polaroid film for my SX-70. Perfect day for it too, being a splitboard mission in to the Cascade Lakes backcountry with Jake Price and Lisa Sheldon.  Easily eight years old and long expired, this film seems to have aged gracefully. Wish I had some more of it!

Jake on skis.

Jake and Lisa atop a mound we dubbed “The Helmet”

Mt. Bachelor sunset.

Oh the places I’ve been…

It’s been a really extraordinary winter.  I had the opportunity to tag along on two incredible trips to interior BC, made my annual pilgrimage to Mt. Baker, and had many fine pow days right here at Bachelor.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I plan on doing a lot of painting in the next year, cumulating in a show based on this seasons travels.

Bachy sunrise, Thanksgiving day

Jake Price and his home-made pine pow surfer.

GT Memorial flame on.

Matt Baker, Josh Dirksen, and Randy Torcom heading out the Shuksan Arm at Mt. Baker

Spartan accomodations in the Mt. Baker parking lot.

Dirksen turning.

Tom Burt and Temple Cummins with next years Billygoat!

Baldface sunrise.

Brad, finest guide this side of the Kootenays, and the memory of the great Craig Kelly.

Homie J’s cat, no place I’d rather be.

Hut setup in the Wallowas

Thanks to everyone who helped make these trips a reality.  Best winter of my life.